Insurance Carrier Benefits

"Client focus is an integral part of the Buckles & Associates, Inc. company culture.
We pledge client services that are always professional, prompt and personable."

Scott L. Buckles, AIA


Benefits to Insurance Carriers working with Buckles & Associates, Inc. include:

  • A much greater potential for settlements which are agreeable to the to Insurance Carrier.
  • Higher insurance carrier policy retention.
  • Years of “in depth and hands on” experience from hundreds of case assignments as a Construction Defect Expert Witness plus work experience as an AIA Architect and licensed General Contractor.
  • Cohesive and focused reports in collaboration with Counsel and other assigned Experts.
  • Once assigned, immediate action begins resulting in more thorough, succinct and detailed investigation reports.
  • A workable budget sufficient to fund thorough case preparation and forensic investigations.
  • Coordination of Destructive Testing among all sub-contractors to share expenses pro rata with other defendants and to ensure enough labor is present to perform the testing.
  • Coordination of all case management factors.