Financial Institution Benefits

"Client focus is an integral part of the Buckles & Associates, Inc. company culture.
We pledge client services that are always professional, prompt and personable."

Scott L. Buckles, AIA


Benefits to Financial Institutions working with Buckles & Associates, Inc. include:

  • Investigations and reports to assist Financial Institutions during the “Due Diligence” process of real estate transactions and investment decisions.
  • Years of architectural and construction experience among the BA staff which will provide enhanced levels of accuracy and a thorough “big picture” report.
  • Site inspections conducted by our certified and experienced Field Inspectors to determine the condition of the building and (when needed) repair cost estimates. The investigation reports are compiled using digital photography, detailed notes, architectural drawings and computer generated graphics.
  • Buckles Construction, Inc. is prepared to provide complete construction services and Project Management for renovations and repairs as cited in the site inspection report.