Attorney Benefits

"Client focus is an integral part of the Buckles & Associates, Inc. company culture.
We pledge client services that are always professional, prompt and personable."

Scott L. Buckles, AIA


Benefits to Attorneys working with Buckles & Associates, Inc. include:

  • Clear communication outlining and understanding the details of the case, the issues plus the extent and purpose of the investigation.
  • Opinions that are focused and within the outline of the listed defects. All opinions are supported by detailed documentation, fundamental reasoning and proven science.
  • Focused reports detailing site observations, discussions, conclusions and final recommendations for mediation issues and problems.
  • Finding flaws in the opposition’s arguments and assisting counsel in formulating questions to ask. Providing an objective analysis of both strengths and vulnerabilities in the case.
  • Expert opinions are firmly footed in real work experience which provides the ability to organize and consolidate complex situations into logical solutions.
  • Cost estimates are based on thorough site inspections (documented using digital photography), general quality of the construction, accessibility and the current cost of goods and services. Additional estimating tools include (but are not limited to) detailed notes, architectural drawings and the reports of other Experts inspections and reports.
  • All water tests utilize the standards and procedures endorsed by the American Society for Testing and Materials. All Destructive Testing will be performed in a cost effective manner and in accordance with accepted industry procedures and standards.
  • The ability to manage entire forensic-construction crews and coordinate the preparation of the Expert reports.
  • All pre-litigation reports will be prepared and ready for review per the schedule as agreed to with Counsel.